• Frequently Asked Questions

    Can a wall surround be installed around a window?

    Yes. Our wall surrounds can be custom fitted not only to your tub space but to any windows you may have in your bathroom.

    Do you offer accessories?

    Yes we have a wide range of accessories like safety grab bars, safety seats, shower caddies, soap dishes, wainscoting, shower curtain rods, shower doors and much more.

    How long does the installation take?

    Installation can depend on the complexity of your bathroom remodel but most bath and shower installation take about a day.

    Can I purchase just the wall surround?

    Of course, if your walls need to be replaced but your tub or shower base is in good shape installing just the wall surround only. We can also install a bathliner is a great idea. Another option is to install a bath or shower liner is your walls are in good shape and don’t have any leaks.

    My tile does not go to the ceiling, do you need to stop at that height?

    No. We can stop at the height of your tile or we can finish the walls all the way to the ceiling depending on what you would prefer.

    Can I install this myself?

    No. Our bath and shower designs are custom fitted to your bathroom and our factory trained installers use manufacturer specific tools and training not given to the general public.

    What is a bathliner?

    A bathliner is a custom-molded piece of acrylic that is shaped to fit over your existing bathtub. Made from extensive measurements of your current tub and then formed in our factory to your exact dimensions for a seamless fit that doesn’t require tearing out your old bath.

    Can you do the same to my shower?

    Yes, we also have shower liners that can be custom-molded to your shower space.

    Can we cover ugly-nasty ceilings?

    Yes we can use the same acrylic materials as our bath and shower liners to cover your ceiling.

    Is it easy to clean?

    Our bath and shower designs are very easy to clean. The acrylic material naturally resists mold and mildew.

    What are the color options?

    We have a wide variety of colors, patterns, hardware finishes and other options to choose from to make your bathroom unique. Check out our design studio for more information.

    What type of warranty do you offer?

    We have a lifetime warranty on all of our bath and shower designs and installations.