• Bathrooms Plus in Washington

    Bathroom Remodeling for Homeowners in Washington and Surrounding Areas

    It’s time to make that bathroom renovation dream a reality and the professionals at Bathrooms Plus are here to help! We have large selection of products to create just the right style at just the right price. Say goodbye mold and mildew thanks to our non-porous bath and shower solutions.

    Learn more about our full range of products below:

    • Vanities/Countertops– With are large variety of vanities and countertops, you’ll find just the right product to match your bathroom.
    • Tile Bathrooms– We have an extensive line of options when choosing tile.  From ceramic tiles, to heat floors, we have you covered!
    • Saunas– If you’re looking to add a relaxing environment to your home, consider a sauna from Bathrooms Plus. Relieve the day’s tension with your own in-home sauna.
    • Replacement Bathtubs– Get rid of that old stained bathtub. Our replacement bathtubs are scratch, chip, stain and fade resistant.  Bathrooms Plus bathtubs are non-porous and resist mold and mildew making your new tub a low maintenance solution!
    • Bath Liners– Do you have a tub that leaks?  If so, bath liners will take care of the problem. Made from durable acrylics, our bath liners are made to fit your bathtub and prevent leaks.
    • Bath Wall Surrounds– Bath wall surrounds are perfect for adding a new look and feel to of a new bathtub while keeping your old bathtub. Our wall surrounds can be installed from the ceiling to the floor or can be installed to a custom size or requirement.  Cleaning takes no time due to our wall surrounds being made from a non-porous acrylic which prevents mold and mildew from attaching to the surface of the walls.
    • Shower Bases– Tired of that old, stained shower base?  Our acrylic shower bases are easy to clean. We can create custom sizes perfect for those hard to find sizes and special orders.
    • Shower Doors – If you’re looking to renovate your shower with a new door, we have just the solution. Bathrooms Plus doors are high quality and come in large variety of options.
    • Shower Liners – Shower liners are a great way to update a shower’s appearance while keeping the existing shower. Our shower liners durable, easy to clean and prevent leaks.
    • Shower Wall Surrounds– Update your shower without a complete remodel with shower wall surrounds from Bathrooms Plus. Our shower wall surrounds come in over 200 colors and are made from high-quality acrylics.
    • Shower Enclosures– Shower enclosures are a perfect way to create an open atmosphere for your shower. We have a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes to choose from.
    • Walk-In Tubs – Walk-In tubs are perfect choice when looking for a tub that is easy to get into and has added safety. Our walk-in tubs have several options to choose from like low-threshold door, slip-resistant flooring and hydrotherapy that will make your bathtub a relaxing paradise.
    • Tub-to-Shower– Turn your old bathtub into a shower with our Tub-to-shower conversion. Tub-to-shower conversions are great for someone with limited mobility. Bathrooms Plus offers a wide amount of options such as low barrier shower bases, step-through inserts and barrier free showers.
    • Step-Through Insert – If you’re looking for an easier way to enter you existing bathtub, a step-through insert may be right down your alley. Step-through inserts are created by cutting an existing place in your tub followed by adding a custom fitted insert.
    • Barrier-Free Shower Base – Our barrier-free shower base removes the step up to you shower.  Barrier-free shower bases are perfect for wheelchairs and limited mobility.

    Bathroom Products for Homeowners in Washington

    Let Bathrooms Plus be the source for your bathroom transformation. We strive to create a modern, safe and affordable bathroom for all our clients. Our large inventory of products will help you create that dream bathroom. Contact us today so that we can help you achieve your bathroom remodeling needs.