• Regain Your Bathing Independence with a Barrier-Free or Low Barrier Shower from Bathrooms Plus!

    High Quality Barrier Free Showers From Bathrooms Plus

    If you are looking for a clean looking shower with easy access, even with a wheelchair a barrier-free shower is a great option! You don’t have to ask for help to bathe anymore with a barrier free shower base from Bathrooms Plus. We have lots of colors and styles, including customized tile showers! Replacement shower bases are available in 100% ABS acrylic, so they are easy to clean and naturally resist mold and mildew. Bathrooms Plus specializes in covering Terrazzo and concrete floors with one-piece, slip resistant bases. Customized shower bases are available for hard-to-find sizes and special orders. We have a range of handicap accessible baths and showers, including low barrier shower basestub to shower conversionstep through inserts and walk-in bathtubs.

    Barrier-Free Shower Base Benefits:

    • Wheelchair accessible
    • Customizable
    • No front threshold
    • Low maintenance
    • Safety features Available
    • Reduce Accidents
    barrier-free shower base
    barrier-free shower base

    Low Barrier Showers for Peoria Area Homeowners

    Bathrooms Plus also has low barrier showers for homeowners that have limited mobility but may not need access from a wheelchair. Low barrier showers are similar to no barrier showers, but they have a short barrier, only a couple inches from the floor, making it much easier to step into than a traditional bathtub. This is also a great option for homeowners that want to renovate their bathroom for multiple generations, as it allows younger people and the elderly to enter the shower with ease.

    Peoria’s Handicap Accessible Bathroom Experts

    Our professional installers work quickly to keep your bathroom construction from interfering with your life. As a family owned and operated business, Bathrooms Plus is dedicated to providing Peoria area homeowners with high quality, barrier free and low barrier showers. We take the time to help you review all of your barrier-free and low barrier shower options and answer any question before, during, and after your shower installation. See why so many Peoria homeowners are satisfied with their beautiful new bathroom! With our barrier-free or low barrier shower, you can have peace of mind, installed by one of our professionals. Make your bathroom a relaxing space you will enjoy for years to come! Contact us today in the Peoria area to see what we can do for you.